Mirartes redefines targeted advertising by tracking audience demographics in real time and projecting advertisements in an optimized manner maximizing Return On Investment (ROI) for the client. Mirartes effortlessly integrates with most screens and accommodates intelligent self-healing capabilities
(fault detection, auto-configuration etc.)

Creating an impression as we work

Creating an impression
as we work
STC, leader in providing telecommunications and innovative service to government & business sectors in the MENA region with revenue over USD 13 billion, implemented the world’s first of its kind large scale Hajj project, leveraging Senseta’s SinapSense, BDAC, & Mirartes technologies


Adaptive advertising based on public demographics

Advertisers pay for the verified content displayed

Ability to retrofit and content streaming on existing screen systems

Auto-configuration of screens (size and orientation)

Fault detection & content display verification