Critical Aerial Surveillance & Analytics

Senseta counts on decades of expertise in mission critical aerial surveillance, reconnaissance & analytics for Enterprise, Government, and Military. Our technologies involve intelligent drone guidance and high-precision data capture using advanced Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

Creating an impression as we work

Creating an impression
as we work
The UN World Food Program, assisting 80 million people relies on Senseta’s award- winning GlobeSense technology to monitor food & human migration across remote borders in South America


National Safety & Security

Senseta's Critical Aerial Surveillance and Analytics Program equips Governments and Security Agencies with the capabilities to gather aerial surveillance necessary to thwart potential terrorist attacks, maintain the safety and security of critical infrastructure and gather key data relating to mission critical operations.

Coastal & Border Reconnaissance

Coastal and border security is key to protecting a nation from external threats. Senseta provides the capability for border security agencies, coastguards, and checkpoints with the technology necessary to secure potential entry points from unwanted persons and materials.

Crowd Monitoring

The gathering of a large crowd can be extremely worrisome and pose many threats to both civilians and law enforcement agencies. Monitoring these crowds from the sky and gathering real-time data is an essential tactic for law enforcement organizations to better understand the current situation.


Utilizing Senseta's CASA program, agricultural professionals can better understand the current status of their crops, land use models, and gather pertinent data to ensure maximum efficiency and operation of their business. The data which is collected will also be used to predict future conclusions regarding growth, sustainability, and results yielded.


Technology within the construction industry is growing at a pace as never before. It is important that contractors now are implementing aerial views of each of their projects to assist in monitoring project progress, security of the specific areas, understanding who is on the site and when, and gathering data which will ensure that the project remains on budget and schedule.

Smart Cities

Local governments, municipalities, and city managers are under increased pressure to ensure that the operations of a city environment run smoothly and efficiently. Utilizing Senseta's CASA program, planners are able to map, gather data, and better understand how the city operates to effectively implement new policies and initiatives.

Traffic Analytics

Understanding traffic models are key to the effective operation of any large metropolitan area. By gathering key analytics from an aerial point of view will allow decision makers to better understand the problem areas and flow of the cities traffic utilizing UAVs, data analytics, and key sensors placed throughout the city to ensure that urban planning is both effective & sustainable.

Flood Analytics

Senseta’s Rapid Stormwater Drainage Solution is an adaptive solution to a city's drainage system taking into account the changing city topography, hydrology alteration by climate change and the changing drainage network. Our solution delivers rapid turnaround and updates, predictive capabilities using machine learning, and 3D reconstructions with 1-4cm GSD.