Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Senseta’s Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence service features SinapSense, the world’s leading, high-performance and fully-managed data analysis & visualization service utilizing Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time actionable intelligence. SinapSense is housed with Secure Data Estate (SDE) Hardware & HyperND hyperwall carefully installed, configured, integrated, tested & maintained by dedicated Senseta staff.


Creating an impression as we work

Creating an impression
as we work
The Colombian Military, the 2nd largest defense spending military in Latin America, counts on Senseta’s SinapSense & Big Data Analytics Center (BDAC) for critical security and surveillance


Military & Defense

Senseta's mission critical BDAC has been deployed for national security and defense data visualization to help meet the largest challenges in the operational field to acquire, analyze and present critical intelligence on potential threats.
Military BDAC

Banking & Finance

Senseta analyzes and consolidates data to provide solutions for Risk Analysis, Fraud, Customer Intelligence & Generic Data Management.
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Senseta assists Government entities by systematically accessing data sources across various Government Ministries in order to prepare, analyze, consolidate and fuse all pertinent economic data. Entities can better understand past economic impacts, inform current challenges, and forecast future conditions. Setting policies that are driven by a continuous modeling of rapidly changing socio economical dynamics is key for a sustainable economic future.


Senseta’s retail technologies are at the forefront of consumer insights and analytics, enabling retailers to measure and understand their customers' preferences and interactions. The tool collects, aggregates and analyzes data from a broad range of sensors around the retail stores to provide in-depth data analytics delivering real insights.


Senseta's technology allows insurance organizations to fuse, correlate and visualize their data sources to successfully monetize and streamline their processes related to payer claims databases, investments by reinsurance, investments by direct insurance, insurer statement information, industry trend analysis, claims payment analysis and risk management.


Senseta's pattern recognition tools will enable your company to gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience and enabling solutions for Enhanced Custormer Experience, Churn Prediction & Prevention, Next-Best-Offer and Viewer Preference Analysis.
Our technologies enable you to perform network analysis to improve your network performance through data driven optimization strategies.
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Travel & Transport

Leverage Senseta's analytic platform for Revenue Optimization, Assets & Operations Management, Demand Forecasting & Customer Analytics.
Senseta provides solutions that enable you to create a competitive advantage by taking into account Optimal Pricing Strategy, Price Sensitivity & Changing Market.
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Smart Cities

Senseta technologies are oriented to improving the citizen's experience within the urban scope, in which the Senseta City Management comprehends the assembly (space and time layers), operation (geoprocesses) and maintenance (evolution) of a Geographical Information Systems on which Machine Learning techniques are continuously applied to generate "tailored" models.
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Add Visual Clarity to Complex Data to Improve Decision-Making

Senseta’s SinapSense utilizes advanced Machine Learning technologies to find actionable insights from the data.

Harness the Power of Social Media to Understand Global Perspective

In today's vastly connected online platforms, predicting trend before your competition is the key to success.

Analyze & Monitor Data on Maps in Real Time

Senseta counts on decades of expertise in mission critical aerial surveillance & analytics for Enterprise, Government, and Military.

Utilize State-of-the-Art Predictive & Diagnostic Analysis to Reveal Public Behavior

Instant visualization of data allows for effective decision making under pressure.

Understand How Public Sentiments Change Over Time

OpinionSense enables you to make connections between public perspectives and the events, driving them faster than anyone else.