Data Into Actionable Intelligence

Data Into Actionable Intelligence

Senseta is a leading and rapidly growing Deep Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Intelligent Drone company servicing government entities and large organizations in the health care, education, financial, & telecommunication industries. Senseta is headquartered in Silicon Valley with locations in the Americas and the Middle East, bringing many decades of proven experience & expertise in capturing and analyzing highly sensitive data, utilizing Artificial Intelligence & Drone Technologies, providing clients with state-of-the-art, efficient and rapid actionable intelligence.

About Senseta

Our Mission

Senseta revolutionizes the way information is captured and analyzed, and closes the gap between theories and ideas about reality and actionable knowledge.

Our Vision

Senseta unlocks the potential of information for organizations, by solving highly complex issues in data capture and analytics on both structured and unstructured data.


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Grupo Senseta Inc. is an international company headquartered in the US, incorporated as a result of the acquisition of two innovative data capture and analytics companies in the US and Colombia. Senseta is an acronym that stands for “sense, think and act”. This combination of assets and expertise provides a very competitive and unique set of solutions in today’s marketplace. Together they are the foundation for Grupo Senseta’s data capture and analytics value chain.

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NASA’s Senseta MAX 5.0A Rover helps solve cold murder case in California

Scientists from the space agency working with the US Geological Survey and the Menlo Park District Attorney's o ce solved an 18-year-old murder case using technology developed by Senseta.

USGS, NASA, and Senseta scientists and engineers deployed a Senseta MAX 5.0A rover to map the magnetic environment of the land that had the potential existence of hidden evidence. After processing the data set, the USGS was able to pinpoint some speci c places ripe for excavation. The ensuing dig turned up pieces of evidence, that shed light to the 18-year old murder case.

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Senseta attends 1st Major Event Safety & Security Conference

The 1st Major Event Safety and Security Conference hosted in the State of Qatar and organized by the Security Committee within the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and Interpol, aims at addressing safety and security measures and procedures for major sporting events.

The two-day conference was organised by the Security Committee of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy in association with Interpol.

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Ooredoo, Senseta sign deal to offer data analytics solutions in Qatar

Ooredoo and big data analytics solutions provider, Senseta, have announced a new strategic partnership to offer a comprehensive data analytics solution to Qatar’s leading enterprises.

Following a jointly-executed and successfully completed big data pilot project, the partnership will position Ooredoo as a leading ICT player in the data analytics market by deploying Senseta’s Big Data Analytics Centers (BDAC) in Qatar for the first time.

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