Senseta wins Innova 2013 award as the best small company in Colombia


Innova recognized Senseta as the best small company in the country, for its application RetailLogics.

And the winner of TNW’s Startup Rally in Latin America is … Senseta


The jury of startup experts has chosen Senseta as their winner from the Startup Rally. (more…)

RetailLogics captures and analyzes customer behavior at stores


Provides information regarding customer behavior at the point of sale, for optimization of commercial space. (more…)


Senseta TNW award winner for “Best Startup of Colombia in B2B”


International Awards TNW (The New Web) 2013 - Best B2B (business to business) Startup in Colombia.

A demonstration of Senseta’s Animus capabilities using sentiment analysis from tweets


Senseta Animus can do semantic sentiment analysis using computational linguistics 


Business Intelligence is Dead. It’s time for Machine Learning


The technological advances made in the modern era have raised a number of key problems.


A demonstration of Senseta’s TerrainLogics Platform

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At Senseta, we are working to empower our clients to obtain and analyze reality in exciting new ways.


Learn about Senseta’s origin



Watch Video Now

Senseta is proud to present it's new corporate video.

Oil & Gas Industry and Big Data


The petrochemical industry relies heavily on complex datasets. In fact, it was involved in “big data” long before the term was even invented – (more…)

Big Data for Small Business


The modern world is crammed full of data, and as a business you’d be wise to take advantage of that fact. (more…)

UAVs and Big Data mix well together


Unmanned aerial vehicles can bring a huge range of benefits to their operators. (more…)

Capturing retail habits


Providing a high level of customer service and a flawless shopping experience is the only way to ensure a retail environment will meet its goals. (more…)