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Grow revenues. Increase efficiency. Redefine your bank's future.

Senseta’s tools provide fast answers to your most complex questions while you gain in-depth knowledge of every aspect of your business, competitors and customers. Our analytics will increase your ability to drive revenue, control costs and mitigate risks with confidence expanding your foresight to identify and capitalize on every opportunity to gain an edge in the cutthroat world of banking. Through our unified data management framework, we provide unrivaled advanced analytic capabilities for:
  • Customer intelligence
  • Risk and exposure analysis
  • Fraud detection

Data analytics done with a purpose

Senseta’s solid expertise on Hadoop, Solr, Spark and R tools will empower your organization to create timely insights with faster implementation than ever before. Our approach will extract the real value from all your data.
Senseta Energy

Senseta takes advantage of the enormous variety and volume of data and provides companies with the knowledge to achieve fewer failures and less downtime – planned and unplanned – across sites and assets, manage better equipment efficiency and higher overall quality, and the ability to accurately predict outages before they occur, while running assets at peak performance. Senseta provides a broad scope of analytic and predictive capabilities to give you better results.
Senseta Site Location

The Problem

Cities in every corner of the world are experiencing unprecedented growth. Companies struggle to identify the next best location, the right optimization strategy for areas with large footprint and the right exploration strategy for new areas.

The Solution

Senseta offers the capability to visualize different layers of real data, including companies’ proprietary data with Senseta’s proprietary libraries. This will bring the decision making processes closer to being based on perfect information. Our solution takes advantage of the enormous variety and volume of data produced within and around a city or specific companies, and from their day-to-day transactions. Our advantage is the ability to enable disparate data sets to talk between them, to avoid the need of ETL (extract-transform-load) processes, and to make the dashboards available to any area within the institution, as required.
Senseta City Management

Geographical Information System + Big Data + Machine Learning

Turn data generated by your city into an artificial intelligence city management model that continuously learns and improves itself. Give citizens and their leaders a tool to realize planning, formulate policies, make better decisions, be held accountable and control processes and projects always keeping in mind that those decisions are based only and exclusively on data on which specific models for each city are built. As a consequence, a smart city starts to achieve balance with the environment.
Senseta City Management
for Traffic

Adaptive traffic management systems

With real-time capture of data from cameras, radio frequency and GNSS systems on vehicles and pathways – road crossings, rail tracks, stations, toll booths, loading docks, to name a few – Senseta City Management can signal for immediate rerouting of vehicles, rescheduling of metro cars, call for support teams, etc. The negative impact of unforeseen and/or massive events is minimized by quickly adapting the operation to fit the new conditions. Furthermore, on the basis of Deep Machine Learning techniques on historical data, Senseta City Management (SCM) will have discovered patterns, revealed correlations and learned trends so irregularities will be detected early and inference analysis will provide insights for future operation and development.
Senseta Data Capture
for Traffic

Useful to Traffic Monitoring Systems

Implementation of Senseta’s technologies for large scale data capture is the provisioning step for Senseta’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Machine Learning tools – the foundation of the platform that will provide the city with quantifiable management information to increase, among others, traffic system operational efficiency as well as insight needed to adaptively develop city systems, networks and services.
  • Drone mapping
  • Traffic monitoring through smartphone identification
  • Traffic monitoring through cellular network data
  • Video analytics
Senseta Data Quality

Senseta on the Data Quality problem

Data Quality is negatively impacting productivity at all levels of the organization. It is not only a business problem of bottlenecks in the data supply, but also a technology problem with valuable resources spent cleaning and preparing the data for analysis.

Root causes of the Problem

The standard ETL tools, data quality processes and MDM philosophies are not working as the data needs to be held at full fidelity of the source. The sources are unstructured and potentially unreliable, so full automation does not work. Big Data is a mix of structured and unstructured and may be sparse and even incorrect. This is not simply a technology problem.

Senseta's solution

  • Data Cleaning process
  • Anomaly Detection platform
Senseta Telecommunications
Senseta’s pattern recognition tools will enable your company to gain a deeper understanding of the total customer experience, offering the best possible mix of offer, customer and channel. This means happier, more loyal customers.

Data analytics done with purpose

Senseta’s solid expertise will empower your organization to create timely insights with faster implementation than ever before. Our approach will extract the real value from all your data.Our tools and implementation capabilities include big data analytics solutions for
  • Revenue optimization
  • Network analysis
  • Customer profiling
Senseta TerrainLogics

The Problem

Traditional models that represent reality are too simplified and susceptible to human error, therefore, decisions made using this information are not optimal.

The Requirement

A reliable tool that allows to improve clairvoyance taking reality with as much detail as possible to the analyst’s desk to make better decisions.

The Solution

Senseta has developed a tool with the highest clairvoyance in the market: TerrainLogics. It is a tool useful in all stages of a project: prefeasibility, feasibility, design, construction, monitoring, and control.
Senseta Transportation
and Travel
Leverage Senseta’s analytic platform for Revenue Optimization, Assets & Operations Management, Demand Forecasting and Customer Analytics. Remove the barriers that keep you from analyzing structured and unstructured big data assets, and eliminate the restrictions your existing computing infrastructure imposes.

Revolutionizing the way information is captured and analyzed, Senseta is closing the gap between theories and ideas about reality and actionable knowledge